Thursday, December 5, 2013

We're Moving?

Wassup guys.

Listen, I know I've totally sucked at keeping this thing going, but I have new groundbreaking news!  I'm moving this blog to another site!  YAY!

Not really, I mean c'mon.  If anything it means you have to delete a bookmark for this site and add a new one.  I didn't mean to give you all work to do, really, I didn't.  It's just kinda how this thing worked out.

But seriously, new site is below.  See you there (Later though, need to write a post after this).


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Off My Chest (For Lack of a Better Title)

So a government shutdown that leaves me temporarily jobless brings forth a lot of benefits, that is if you can look beyond not getting paid at all (I hate you, Congress).  It allows you time to go the gym a few times a day, get a library card, mop the floors, rake leaves, split wood, and see Gravity at 10:00am with a bunch of senior citizens.

It's also allowed me to have a lot of time where I'm just sitting around, whether it's lying in bed, on the couch, in front of the television, or just somewhere in-between.  What I do in that free time is what most people do, I think.  I think about baseball, the Nats managerial position for next year, the potential Redskins name change, how the Caps will fare in a tougher division, or what Wizards shirsey I'll be buying next (Hint, not Jan Vessely, cuz duh).  Thoughts on how I need to start saving more money and losing weight weigh heavy but are far too easily replaced with how I'd love to spend money on this and then eat that.

However, most of the "mental heavy lifting" comes in the way of the person I've become in the past five years.  In high school, I was just one of the guys, I didn't worry about fitting in with groups or past decisions.  I was a kid, just living day-to-day without major responsibilities or cares.  Now, five years later I'm working a real job, paying real bills, and worrying about my social image while behaving like a bipolar, sociopathic monster to those close to me.

It's taken a lot of time (Read "A lot of Call of Duty") to admit that, for which I am ashamed.  People have told me that before but I didn't listen.  Some of those people are still around, others have grown distant, and some have totally fallen off the face of the Earth for which I cannot blame them.

Where is all this building too you ask?  It's at the point now where I need to shut up, nut up, and prove that I can be a changed person and start living a "honest and clean" lifestyle.  I also am aware of how little all this will mean to a lot of you, I don't really care haha.  This is for me.

Pax, Sammy SoCised.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Putting the "Wow" Back In SamWow, Part Two

Okay, so yesterday I rolled out "Putting the 'Wow' Back In SamWow, Part One" and well, quite frankly no one saw it, which is fine.  I'm writing it for me so I can get my thoughts together, and if I can touch someone with what I write that's even better.  However, I will say it is a bit different from my usual stuff like my posts about the mall, America's favorite Frenchman Herve Benoit, or my chilling expose on potty talk because those were built for speed and laughs. 

These on the other hand, are built for longevity.  I'm trying to devlop as a person and keep myself from doing something stupid, but enough random talking; let's get into it. 

A week ago, I had an idea for something I jokingly called "Hugs Without Borders" and it's my millionth crazy scheme. Hopefully this one sticks.

So what is "Hugs Without Borders"?  Well, it's not me flying all over the world like the great folks with Doctors Without Borders (Who you can donate to here.), even though I would totally do that if it was do-able.

It's driving out of your way to see a friend in need, even if they're too proud to admit it.  It's smiling at a stranger and wishing them a good day as you step off the elevator.  It's giving up your seat on a crowded bus so someone else can sit down.  It's holding the door open for a mother and her children.  It's calling your parents, or anyone really, to just chat.  It's paying the toll for the car behind you.  It's making that one dollar donation at the grocer's checkout to help find a cure for prostate cancer.  It's dropping a few dollars extra on a tip.  It's dancing like a fool to make a friend laugh.  It's story telling to get someone's mind out of a dark place.

But at it's simplest core, it's a gesture, no matter how small, where you put yourself aside and make someones day, change a frown into a smile, and maybe get that person to do the same for someone else.  Picture the movie "Pay It Forward", just without Kevin Spacey, Haley Joel Osment, Jon Bon Jovi, and Jay Mohr (And I think Helen Hunt was in it, but it might have been Meg Ryan, they're the same person in my book).  That's what I'm going for here, it's not some earth shattering idea like the Chillow, it's something we all know  about but don't act upon enough.

Some of you might laugh, and dismiss this as some stupid little scheme and I understand.  I'm not going to argue with it, you can't please everyone and that's not why I'm here.  I just want to bring so good into the world and spread it like butter.

I want to follow in the steps of Kid President, Randy Pausch, Zach Sobiech, or any of the millions of other people who's stories, actions, and lives have inspired the world. 

That's all for now.  Until next time.

Editor's Note // All those links at the bottom are things you really should watch if you want to get on board or just get inspired.  Just as a disclaimer the Randy Pausch video is over an hour long but it's amazing.  His bio is here if you want a quick hitter but nothing tops the video (Or the book, which made me cry like a baby and I would love to buy it for you if you want it...maybe.).

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Putting the "Wow" Back In SamWow, Part One.

In the late spring of 2005, I was 15 and a rower on the crew team at DeMatha Catholic High School.  We had a dreadful year, finished what felt like a record of 0-100 (With one second place finish) but we had some laughs and a decent time.  Sorry, I'm getting off track so let's get back onnit.

It was the end of the season and we were all sitting in our "practice facility" which was really just an old Buick dealership/shop with all the equpiment laid out on top of the asbestos.  We were shooting the shit (Yes, I said shit) and waiting for our respective turns for the end of year reviews with the coaches.  We joked about what they would say, who might cry (Laputz was getting ragged on hard core), and what next year would be like when they called my name and I stood up to go into the garage.

In that short walk, everything I did wrong went through my head; the day I sat stroke, couldn't keep a steady pace and caught at least three crabs (rowing term, not the deliscous crustecean) and was probably my worst day on the water.  I thought about all the loses we had, mostly the race at Georgetown where we raced our hearts out for a 3rd place finish and heard Coach yelling from the shore "Head up DeMatha!" and I remember getting really emotional.  On our slow, painful row back to the dock, our "sister schools" rowed by us and congratulated us on the race but none of it helped. 

So it was a pretty scary feeling walking into that garage and sitting down in front of the coaches and I was sure I'd be cut or not asked back (The team was actually too small to afford to cut anyone).  I distinctly remember walking across to the seat they had for me and never looking up, I was staring daggers into my sweet New Balance 574s.

Well I sat down and we started the review, I don't remember all that was said, but it was probably a lot of "Well you did good here.  Improve here.  What can we do different here.  How'd this feel.  What about next year." and then they shook my hand and I stood to leave.  That's when my coach, Jim Case, said something to me that still hits me to this day (Pardon my French his French).

"There's just one problem, Carroll.  You always got that giant head down; keep your fucking head up.  You're a DeMatha Stag.  You're a big strong kid with a lot ahead of you.  If I see you with your head down I'm gonna call you out."

I walked out of there with my head up, but it probably sagged back down as soon as I got back into the main room.  Well hell, I promise you it did.  My head went down that day and has stayed down since that day for the most part, but that's all gonna change.

I've been beating (eating?) around the bush for too long on this whole thing and now that's done.  I'm going to write more about what's going on, what I'm trying to fix, and more as time goes on, just wanted to kick it off and remind everyone to keep ya chins up.

Editors Note // The posts in this series might come off as somewhat of a bummer, but that's the nature of the beast.  I want to inspire and tell a story and to do that you need to make yourself and others feel.  I hope you enjoy -- Sam

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

SamWow versus the "Kid Gloves"

Hello there, old friends.  If anyone's still reading this site, I'd like to apologize for the lack of posts up in here for the past few months, sometimes you just don't have anything to write.  Sometimes you have something to write but don't want to sound too serious or get too preachy, this is a kid's show after all.

Well, this one might be a wee bit preachy.  Maybe serious.  Maybe neither.  Maybe you'll stop reading after this, who would blame you?  Not me.

I enjoy meeting new people, almost as much as I enjoy people watching at baseball games (Hello, ladies), and I'm lucky enough to meet a lot of them through my friends, co-workers, family, and the daily "Freak Fest" I ride each day that some people call the WMATA Metro.

I dunno how to really create some witty, clever way to introduce this while still teaching you a valuable lesson, so I'll just say it and we'll go from there.  Here we go.

When you meet new people, don't sugarcoat yourself.  Be the guy or gal you are usually.  If you're an overly nice person, be nice.  If you like to crack jokes, crack jokes.  If you like to dance like a clown, dance like a clown.  Why put up some phony front that you'll have to keep up everytime you see that person?  It's a waste of time.  Be real man.

There's no need for the "kid gloves" with a new person.

That's really all, I just wanted to do a lil something to try and get me back into the blog-thing. 

Oh, there is one exception to this rule...if she's hot.  If she's hot, you always lie.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Love on Ice

I wish I could say I like the Washington Capitals, but I cannot.   I wish I could say I love them, but that just wouldn't be enough.  Hell, to be honest with you, I don't know if there is a word to describe how much I love the hockey team that resides here in our Nation's Capital.

My friends and family know it;  they describe it as "boner-age", "creepy", and my personal favorite "you care about them more than certain relatives".  I spend every game I watch at home glued to the couch fist pumping, pelvic-thrusting, yelling, cursing, pacing, and fetal position-ing.  The games I go to at the Big Barn I spend yelling, cheering (Huge difference), cursing, fist-pumping, high fiving, white knuckling, hugging, and honestly, if I leave there without my hands hurting and voice destroyed I didn't do my job and shouldn't be invited back.

But this love affair goes all the way back to 2005, when Alex Ovechkin was called up to the big league club.  The following eight years have held amazing highs like the game seven against Boston from last year, the Federov goal that sent the Rangers home in 2009, amazing brawls from Matt Bradley, Matt Hendricks, and John Erksine, hair raising goals from Ovie, flashy saves from Holtby, and the Winter Classic victory over Pittsburgh in 2011.  Sadly, there have also been lows like the 2010 playoff series against the Habs, anything done by Jeff Schultz, three game seven playoff loses (2008, 2010, 2012), and heartbreaking regular season losses.

What am I trying to say with this?  Well, the overall point is obvious; I'm kind of in the hole for the Washington Capitals hockey franchise.  We have another a big playoff series starting tonight against the New York Rangers so I'm nervous, excited, scared, and thrilled all at the same time.  I'm going to avoid predictions, guarantees, and hopes because if I give one and something happens, it will be my fault and all of Caps nation will hate me, and I can't have that.

I'll leave you all with a few things, Matty P dancing, an amazing video, and a simple saying...


Thursday, April 25, 2013

S*#@ That's Shaped Me, Part One

Hi.  I'll keep this short, I'm starting a new thing called "Shit That's Shaped Me" where I'll be presenting videos, music, and stories that's shaped the life I lead today.  Here's the first one.

That intro went well.

Here's some sports broadcast calls that made me fall in love with the vehicle from a few of my heroes in the business.  Enjoy (Pardon my DC bias).